GROUND BREAKER Precision Planters

Our latest machinery range, GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture, includes quality precision planters that allow farmers to maximise agronomic and economic gains by capitalising on genetic and technological improvements.  The GROUND BREAKER Precision Planters are specifically designed for the conditions of Australian growing regions and apply the world’s leading precision technology.

The GROUND BREAKER Precision Planters bring Toowoomba Engineering's patented tyne technology together with the very latest in global precision technology and innovative engineering design into a superior planting system.  This technology combines, for the first time, a tyne with precision planting technologies, providing farmers with control over applications in variable conditions such as soil type, moisture and nutrient levels.

In addition, the integration of precision technology with tractor software provides farmers with an advanced, 'whole of crop' cycle monitoring system.  This technology is at the very forefront of the precision agriculture technology revolution and is creating massive opportunities for farmers to enjoy the benefits of precision farming practices in a wider range of cropping situations.  

Visit the GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture website HERE.


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